Receiving Child Support Payments

Receiving Child Support Payments

Debit Card Information

A debit card will automatically be issued when we receive the first payment UNLESS a request for direct deposit is sent to the trust fund before the first payment is received.

Direct Deposit to bank account

Debit Cards:

Important: You must have your current address on file with the Child Support Agency.  When debit cards are renewed/replaced they are sent to the address that the Child Support Agency has on file.  

If you are experiencing problems with your debit card:

You must call Way2Go Debit Card Customer Service at (877) 253-3686 - the Child Support Agency cannot access debit cards.  

The following steps can be taken to be forwarded to a live representative:

  1. Call the Customer Service phone number of (877) 253-3686.
  2. Select 1 for English.
  3. It will ask for your card number; you can enter your card number or press #.
  4. Enter 2.
  5. Enter SSN, DOB, & PIN of 1234.
  6. A message will say that information could not be verified, and then ask you to enter it again.
  7. Enter the same information above for a second time.

You should then be transferred to a customer service representative.

Find Debit Card Balance