Jerry's Electric / Fabric Works


Jerry’s Electric takes energy conservation very seriously. Jerry Engelking, owner, spends most of his working days helping other businesses become energy efficient. His specialty is to retrofit energy hungry lighting with more efficient and less costly alternatives. He doesn’t just preach energy efficiency, he practices it as well. His building, which houses The Fabric Works as well as Jerry’s Electric, is a model in energy saving electronics. He uses LED lighting, motion and light sensors and Energy Star light fixtures and appliances. “It helps me to be able to talk to my customers about the benefits of these changes when I have already tried it and can talk about my results.”

Engelking is a Focus on Energy trade ally and does energy audits for businesses as well as residential buildings. He is looking into the future and sees that as energy becomes more expensive businesses and homeowners alike are going to need and want help to keep their energy costs in line. To help out more, when he makes all those lighting and energy changes he takes the hazardous fluorescent lights from the site and recycles them.

The two businesses take pride in reusing as much as possible. The Fabric Works run by Jerry’s wife Barb, collects plastic bags from customers who bring them in so the business can reuse bags rather than put more plastic into the environment. They use durable reusable materials rather than one time use products whenever they can.