How do we become certified?


Businesses get an application form and environmental checklist from the Douglas County Recycling office. The checklist is a detailed list of ways businesses can decrease their impact on the environment.

Each item has value points. Businesses must find 30 points from the list to qualify. They can be strategies that the business is currently using, or that the business is willing to commit to implementing.

There are eight categories to choose points from. Five points must come from pre-selected categories and the remaining points can come from any category.

The eight categories in the application are:
• Communication and Education
• Waste Reduction, Reuse and Recycling
• Energy Efficiency
• Water Conservation
• Air Quality
• Wildlife and Landscape Management
• Transportation
• Purchasing

The Application is submitted to the Recycling Office and is reviewed. After the review a site visit is usually scheduled and certification is usually given following the site visit.