• Clough Island Volunteer Opportunity
  • Bait Shop Initiative - Bait shop owners and their employees are in a unique position to share educational information about invasive species because they interact with boaters and anglers who use area lakes on a daily basis. Moreover, many people often consider bait shop owners to be a trusted source of information especially when it comes to the lakes nearby.
  • No Transport Ordinance - Wisconsin has various laws in place to prevent the introduction and control the spread of aquatic invasive species and diseases in Wisconsin, which are explained on this page.
  • Purple Loosestrife Project - This Wisconsin DNR project works with citizens and students to raise beetles that feed on the purple loosestrife plant. Contact: Dara Fillmore | (715) 392-7825 | E-mail
  • AIS Control Projects - The Douglas County AIS Coordinator manages county-led AIS control efforts. To learn more about these projects, contact (715) 395-1266 or