New Baby program

Home visiting, by public health nurses, after the baby is born helps parents with questions related to managing their baby's health and safety needs.  Hospital nurses and social workers provide information on "new baby visits" to parents before they leave the hospital.  This is a free service for all new babies who live in Douglas County.

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Common Breastfeeding Challenges: Breastfeeding can be hard at times, especially in the early days. But remember that you are not alone. Lactation consultants can help you find ways to make breastfeeding work for you and your baby. And while many women are faced with one or more of the challenges listed here, many women do not struggle at all. Each baby and their breastfeeding experience is unique.

Services Provided
Public health nurses provide the following free services:
  • Information on infant growth and development, safe sleeping positions, feeding (breast and formula feeding), infant hygiene, home safety, immunizations, and other information as needed
  • Weigh, measure growth, and conduct a brief physical assessment
  • Provide education and referral resources needed for postpartum care for mom
  • Promote and educate safe sleep
New Baby Program Brochure

More Information
To request a new baby visit, call (715) 395-1304 and ask for the Intake Nurse.