Appointments to Other Committees

Amnicon/Dowling Lake Management District: Dan Corbin
CDBG Housing Program - Regional Housing Committee: Denise Lutz, Maury Miller, Pat Ryan, Opal Roberts, Jennifer LaChance, Carolyn Martin, Walt Jaeger, Tom Mackie
Chamber of Commerce: Charlie Glazman
Children's Community Options Program (CCOP): Sue Hendrickson
Community Services Program: Vacant, Larry Quam
Concentrated Employment Program, Inc.: Charlie Glazman, Doug Finn (Alt.)
Coordinated Services Team Initiative: George Glonek, Janna Stevens, Susan Hendrickson, Dave Longsdorf, Cary Breitlow
Gandy Dancer Trail Commission: Dan Corbin
Great Lakes Nonpoint Abatement Coalition: Kathryn McKenzie
Historical Society: Samuel Pomush
ITBEC Tourism Board: Nikky Farmakes
Lake Superior (NERR) Advisory Committee: Terry White
Library Board (Superior Public): Ron Leino
Metro-Interstate Commission: Samuel Pomush (5/19), Nick Baker (5/20), Peter Clark (5/20), Rosemary Lear (5/20), Brock Allen (5/20)
Northern Waters Library Services Board: Courtney Dietsch (1/23), Ron Leino (1/21), Kathryn McKenzie (1/22), Sue Hendrickson (1/23), Vivian Markley (1/22)
Northwest Regional Planning Commission Board: Douglas Finn (Executive Committee) (5/20), Larry Quam (5/20), Samuel Pomush (5/20)
Northwest Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Association: Susan Hendrickson, Terry White (Alt.)
Northwest Wisconsin Business Development Corp. Board: Douglas Finn
Northwest Wisconsin Regional Economic Development Fund Board: Jim Caesar
Northwest Wisconsin Regional Trails Committee: Dan Corbin
PACE: Terry White
Security and Facilities Committee (Douglas County): Nick Baker, Peter Clark
Senior Connections: Patricia Ryan, Doug Finn
Superior Area Community Network Executive Committee: Matt Caya
The Development Association, Inc.: Keith Allen, Charlie Glazman
Transportation Network Team of Superior & Douglas County: Vacant
Tri-County Recreational Corridor Commission: Dan Corbin, Scott Luostari, Keith Allen
Twin Ports/Twin Cities Passenger Rail Service: Nick Baker
Wisconsin Business Innovation Corp.-Visions Northwest Group: Jim Caesar, Doug Finn (Alt.)
Wisconsin Point Area Management Plan: Keith Allen, Terry White (Alt.)
Woodland Enhanced Health Services Commission: Larry Quam