There are several types of adoptions, like adult adoption, step-parent adoption, adoption of a minor child born in the United States of America, or adoption of a minor child born in a foreign country (re-adoption).

A home study must be completed prior to obtaining a court date for the adoption.

You may or may not choose to use the services of an adoption agency or attorney. Adoption forms can be accessed through Wisconsin Courts. There is no filing fee for adoptions.

Request for Adoption Records

If you were adopted or were the adoptive parent of a person adopted in Douglas County and you want to request a copy of the Order for Adoption, please complete the Request for Adoption Records Form and present it to the Probate Office. You must present a photo ID at the time you make the request and/or receive the copy.

Wisconsin law does not allow information about adoptions, birth parents, or individuals to be released without a court order. Prior to obtaining a court order from the county where the adoption took place, you must complete a search request through the State Adoption Records Search Program at:

State of Wisconsin

Adoption Records Search Program

P.O. Box 8916

Madison, WI 53708-8916

Ph: (608) 266-7163