New Dwellings

Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code

In response to numerous inquiries regarding the Uniform Dwelling Code (UDC) it is important that property owners, prospective buyers, realtors, contractors, developers, and municipal officials understand the impact of these rules on residential development in Douglas County. In the past, the UDC has only been administered in the City of Superior. Effective January 1, 2005, all communities (cities, villages, and towns) in Wisconsin are required to administer the Uniform Dwelling Code for the construction of new dwellings.

The Code is administered by the Wisconsin Department of Commerce Safety and Buildings Division, based on rules outlined in COMM 20-25. In rural Douglas County each town is responsible to assure the proper procedures are met. Each town has created an ordinance or resolution outlining the permitting process to include application, plan review, and inspections required in the Code. Plan reviewers and building inspectors may be state or municipal employees or private firms under contract with the town.

Permitting Process for New Dwellings

The permitting process for a new dwelling in Douglas County requires:
  • Obtaining a land use or conditional use permit
  • A septic system permit (unless the property is served by a municipal sewer system) from the Douglas County Zoning Office
  • A building permit from the town

Specific Questions Regarding UDC

Specific questions concerning the administration of the UDC within your town or village should be referred to the Uniform Dwelling Code Inspector of that municipality.

Municipal officials can be found here.

Specific Questions Regarding Zoning Ordinance

Specific questions concerning Douglas County Zoning Ordinances may be directed to:
Planning & Zoning
1313 Belknap Street, Room 206
Superior, WI 54880
Telephone: (715) 395-1380