Plat Books

2020 Plat Book Fees
The 2020 Douglas County Plat Book is now available!

The 2020 Douglas County Plat Book is $30. Postage and handling is $6. For three or more books, add $3 for each additional book. For example:
  • Two books: $60 + $6 postage and handling = $66
  • Four books: $120 + $12 postage and handling = $132
  • Seven books: $210 + $21 postage and handling = $231

Purchasing Plat Books
Plat books may be purchased over the counter for $30 each by dropping by the Courthouse. If you prefer to have the book delivered, you may purchase by mailing a check (sorry, credit cards are not accepted) for the correct amount (including shipping) to Douglas County Land Records with a note specifying your request and your mailing address to:

Douglas County Land Information
Courthouse Building
1313 Belknap Street
Room 207A
Superior, WI 54880

Plat books may also be purchased at the following locations:
Douglas County Forestry Department
Ph:  (715) 378-2219
9182E Hughes Avenue
Solon Springs, WI

Northwest Outlet
Ph:  (715) 392-9839
1814 Belknap Street
Superior, WI

Poplar Hardware
Ph:  (715) 364-2238
9693E Main Street
Poplar, WI

Solon Springs Mercantile
Ph:  (715) 378-2860
11287S Mertzig Parkway
Solon Springs, WI

Superior Shooters Supply
Ph:  (715) 394-4982
1705 Winter Street
Superior, WI

For more information, contact Skylar Schoh, GIS Specialist, at (715) 395-1570.