Employee Relations Committee


The Committee meets quarterly on the second Tuesday of the month, in March, June, September, and December.

Agendas & Minutes

Most Recent Agenda and Minutes 


(As of June 2017)
  • Steve Rannenberg, Co-Coordinator
  • Ellen Oaks (Kim HillShay), Co-Coordinator
  • Charlie Glazman               
  • Kathy Ronchi
  • Holly Mortenson (Aaron Fregard)              
  • Tiffany Jenner               
  • Cheryl Hanson (Donadee Cain)
  • Vacant jailer
  • Mark Hager (Alex Rowe)
  • Marvin Finendale                
  • Michael Stein (Ashley Engelman)
  • Bob Hanson               
  • Dan Howe (Cory Knutson)              
  • Kaci Lundgren
  • Tracy Ruppe          
Alternates listed in parenthesis.


The mission of the Employee Relations Committee is to create a positive atmosphere by fostering a working environment of trust and honesty by utilizing the strengths of both labor and management with a healthy respect for the teamwork needed to reach common goals through open communication, problem solving, and information sharing.