Services Provided

Department Responsibilities
The Highway Department is in charge, under the direction of the Highway Commissioner, of all the County trunk highways in the County. It is the duty of the Department to do, or have done, all necessary engineering and make all necessary examinations for the establishment, construction, improvement, and maintenance of highways.

The Department performs varied activities as large as paving and seal coating, to as small as crack sealing and pothole repair. The Department also provides services to towns and villages such as paving, chip sealing, brushing, and drainage activities.

Winter Activities
The majority of winter is spent performing plowing and ice control operations, as well as producing treated sand. The Highway Department produces many different types of material and also operates a screening plant, which produces screened sand. Cold mix is produced for rut-filling and base preparation prior to paving. Production of winter mix, made of rock chips and oil emulsion, provides more staying power in potholes.

More Information
For more information, contact the Highway Department at (715) 374-2575.