Firewood Permit

General Information
Permits are available at the Douglas County Forestry Department Office located on Business Highway 53 in Solon Springs, approximately 30 miles south of Superior. Contact the Forestry Department by phone at (715)378-2219 or by email to receive additional information.

Permits are sold for SPECIFIC LOCATIONS, typically recently closed timber sales. Firewood permits may be issued for areas with downed trees, please contact the Forestry Department. A Douglas County Forester needs to approve areas with downed trees for issuance of a firewood permit.

Permits allow collection of firewood, in the form of DOWN TREES and LOGGING RESIDUE ONLY, located on Douglas County Forest Land. Permit cost is $25.00 for up to ten (10) cords. Payments may be made at or sent to the Douglas County Forestry Department. No Online Payment Option is Available. Permits expire December 31st of the year they were purchased.

Permit must be in possession while collecting and transporting firewood. Permit holder must be present while firewood is being gathered and transported.

Permits may be issued, however they are not valid and firewood may not be gathered during the spring road weight bans, which are usually posted March 15 through May 15 of each year.

Required Permit Information
  • Permittee Name and Address
  • Specific Location of Designated Collection Area 

Responsibilities of Permit Holder
  • No standing trees will be cut or damaged unless so indicated in the permit.
  • No cut products from a commercial timber sale will be taken except as indicated on reverse.
  • The permittee will not interfere with any commercial timber harvest that may be in the area.
  • Permit holder assumes responsibility to cut in designated area only.
  • No blocking of roads while gathering firewood.
  • No rutting of existing roads or resource damage.
  • All motorized vehicles are restricted to designated road/trail system.
  • Only one firewood permit will be issued per family per year.
  • Permit holder must be present while firewood is being gathered.
  • It is further understood by the applicant that they assume all responsibility for their own protection and agree not to hold Douglas County responsible for any accidents or injuries that may happen to themselves or others in their company, and that they will hold Douglas County harmless from any and all suits or claims for damages to personal property which may arise from said removal of wood.
Notice:  All prices are subject to change.

Emerald Ash Borer Quarantine Information

Douglas County is currently under Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) quarantine for Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). The following regulations apply to all firewood collected within Douglas County, including on the County Forest: 

-No ash firewood regardless of size can be transported outside of Douglas County at any time of year unless officially certified as treated by DATCP or USDA. 

-Firewood pieces of non-ash hardwood species less than 4 feet in length cannot be transported outside of Douglas County at any time of year. 

-Firewood pieces of non-ash hardwood species 4 feet or greater in length can be transported outside of Douglas County at any time of year. 

-Quarantine compliance is the full responsibility of the Permittee. For additional information on the quarantine, including rules and regulations, please contact DATCP at 608-224-4573 and/or the USDA-APHIS at 608-231-9553

For purposes herein, firewood is considered to be any processed or non-processed (spilt or non-split) tree product in its natural state including blocks, ends, 8’ sticks, logs, poles, and other pieces of any size and/or dimension.