Douglas County Forest Comprehensive Land-Use Plan

Plan Approval
The Douglas County Forestry Department takes great pleasure in announcing that the Douglas County Forest Comprehensive Land-Use Plan 2006-2020, along with its supporting Access Management Plan and Appendixes, has been completed after years of planning and development.

The Plan was approved by the Douglas County Forest, Parks, and Recreation Committee on February 25, 2008, and was formally presented to and approved by the full County Board of Supervisors on March 20, 2008. Final approval by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Division of Forestry was received on May 13, 2008.

About the Plan
The Plan reflects the uniqueness of the Douglas County Forest and presents how it will be managed, used, and developed; how it will look; and the benefits it will provide over the course of the 2006-2020 planning period. It is intended to inform both the public and resource managers of the many planned uses and management activities of the Forest.

The Department is committed to sustainable management, which is an approach that incorporates ecological, economic, and social benefits for current and future generations.

Viewing or Purchasing the Plan
Because of file size, the Douglas County Forest Comprehensive Land-Use Plan 2006-2020 has been divided into pieces to make it more manageable. Many of the files have been optimized for faster download time.

Please contact the Douglas County Forestry Department at (715) 378-2219 for inquiries regarding opportunities for review of the Plan in hardcopy format. Bound hard copies and digital copies are also available for purchase by contacting the Department. Hard copies are priced at $35 for the document and $40 for the document appendixes (Chapter 900). Digital copies on CD media are available free of charge.