Brule River AIS Aquatic Plant Management Planning

An AIS Focused Aquatic Plant Management Plan was completed in April 2023 and approved by the Douglas County Board of Supervisors on 6/15/2023.  Click here to download the APM Plan.

The planning process for management of aquatic invasive plants on the Brule River was conducted under Wisconsin Surface Water Grant #AEPP66022 in 2022 and 2023.  Opportunities for public input were important to the planning process and included a social survey conducted in December 2022 with over 70 respondents, stakeholder input meeting held on January 10, 2023 with options for remote or in-person attendance, written comment period open from 4/15/23 - 6/15/23, and open public meetings of the Land Conservation Committee, Zoning Committee, and County Board for comments on the draft plan.  Input from our partners and stakeholders is incredibly valuable to the planning process for this important resource, so we sincerely thank the many who took their time to share thoughts and contribute to the development of the aquatic plant management plan.


The result of this process is an AIS focused Aquatic Plant Management Plan, which summarizes baseline data, identifies goals and priorities for the management of invasive aquatic plants, and makes recommendations for beneficial conservation practices to achieve those goals.  The Aquatic Plant Management plan will help to guide implementation of recommended invasive aquatic plant management activities to keep the Brule river healthy and protect water quality and habitat.


APM Planning Resources:


Aquatic Plant Management Rules (WI DNR)


Brule River State Forest


Download the Brule APM Plan here.