New Sanitary System (POWTS) Installation

New sanitary system installation requires a soils evaluation completed by a certified soils tester for sanitary systems other than holding tanks. The soils evaluation will determine the type of system to be installed. The certified soils tester will record their findings on a soil evaluation report and provide this report to the Zoning office. The plumber will design the sanitary system based on the soils evaluation and submit the sanitary permit application to the Zoning office. Plans which utilize non-gravity distribution systems (i.e. pumps), require individual site designs, serve more than a 2 family dwelling, do not completely utilize a component manual or approved plumbing products, are owned by the State, or are designated experiments must be approved by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS). The plumber submits these plans to the DSPS for approval. It is required by Wisconsin Administrative Code that a master plumber or master plumber restricted service be responsible for the installation of the sanitary system. 

At least one day prior to the new sanitary system installation, the master plumber or master plumber restricted service must contact the Douglas County Zoning office to schedule an inspection of the system during installation.

Use of an existing sanitary system for a replacement dwelling requires the completion of a sanitary inspection report by a master plumber or master plumber restricted service. The sanitary inspection report must be submitted with the land use permit.