Frequently Asked Questions

Who is allowed to do the inspection?

  • Licensed master plumber, licensed master plumber-restricted service, licensed journeyman plumber, licensed journeyman plumber- restricted service, certified POWTS inspector, registered POWTS maintainer, certified septage servicing operator.[SPS 383.54(4)(d)(2)]
  • For local contacts, please see below:

How do I know what type of POWTS I have?

  • Search through the online database to look up your permit and property information, or call the Zoning Office at (715) 395-1380. 

Who has the responsibility of updating inspection/pumping records with the county?

  • It is the responsibility of the property owner to arrange an inspection and/or servicing with a licensed professional. The licensed personnel completing the inspection, reports the inspection/servicing to the county on behalf of the property owner. [SPS 383.55]

Do I need to verify with the Planning and Zoning office that my records have been updated?

  • The licensed individual completing the inspection is required to report inspection/serving logs to the county; however as a property owner you may verify the inspection/servicing reporting by using this online link.

What if I just had my system pumped last year?

  • Please contact your service provider and have them enter the service event into the county’s tracking program.

Do I have to wait three years before I have my system maintained?

  • No.  You can do it anytime in the next 3 years (excludes holding tanks).

What happens if my POWTS is not in compliance?

  • You will have 1 year to bring your POWTS into compliance by a Wisconsin licensed plumber, unless it is an imminent health threat. Systems that pose an imminent health threat will be handled on a case by case basis.

Is there any financial help available to replace a failing POWTS?