Short Term Rental (Tourist Rooming House)

Tourist Rooming Houses (TRH) are defined as all lodging places and tourist cabins and cottages, other than hotels and motels, in which sleeping accommodations are offered for pay to tourists or transients. It does not include private boarding or rooming houses not accommodating tourists or transients, or bed and breakfast establishments.

In general, TRH establishments are vacation homes, cabins and cottages that are rented out to tourists and transients for a short period of time. The state of Wisconsin requires these properties be licensed.  Under a TRH license, an operator may rent as many as 4 units (examples: rooms, cottages or cabins).  A Hotel License is needed if 5 or more units are being rented.  

Please follow the links below for more information or call 715-395-1304 and ask to speak to an Environmental Health Specialist.

Each town or village may have additional ordinances for short term rentals. It is the property owner's responsibility to learn what they are.