Sheriff Sales



Court Case No. Sales Date Plaintiff Defendants Property Address
17-CV-118 09/26/17 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Marion E. Wicklund, John Doe Wicklund, Cavalry SPV I LLC and Midland Funding LLC 511 Clough Avenue, Superior
17-CV-53 10/03/17 National Bank of Commerce Rae Ann Anderson and Midland Funding LLC 1924 East County Rd BB, Foxboro
15-CV-156 10/03/17 National Bank of Commerce Steven P. Sorensen; Sigrid F. Sorensen; SST, Inc.; First National Bank of Omaha; TD Bank USA NA; Don Stevens, Inc.; State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue; and Reinhart Food Service, LLC. 9 Scharte Drive, Superior
17-CV-60 10/03/17  Anthony J. Camodeca Robert Nelson and Darla Nelson; Citibank; United States of America c/o Attorney General 12317 East Crooked Lake Road, Gordon
17-CV-145 10/10/17 Superior Choice Credit Union Frank A. Germann, Pamela S. Germann, and GERFRA, Inc. a Wisconsin Corporation 502 Hammond Avenue, Superior
17-CV-16 10/10/17 Wells Fargo Bank, NA Shane A. Andrews; Bonnie E. Andrews; Acuity; Capital One Bank USA N.A.; Cach LLC; RAB Performance Recoveries, LLC. 2415 John Avenue, Superior
17-CV-90 10/10/17 Wells Fargo Bank, NA George Kokolis; Vanessa Kokolis 1311 N 22nd Street, Superior
17-CV-64 10/24/17 Embrace Home Loans, Inc. Kari R. Hunter, Nicholas V. Hunter and Hermantown Federal Credit Union 3617 East 1st Street, Superior
17-CV-55 10/24/17 C.U. Mortgage Services, Inc. Melanie R. Sorenson, Todd D. Sorenson and Capital One Bank (USA) NA 4213 East 3rd Street, Superior
15-CV-269 10/24/17 State of Wisconsin, Department of Veteran's Affairs Terry W. Bubb, Marion I. Bubb, Northern Communities Credit Union, Capital One Bank n/k/a Capital One Bank, (USA) N.A. and LVNV Funding 3650 S County Road E, South Range
17-CV-287 10/31/17 Hermantown Federal Credit Union Ted Chisholm and Beckey J. Strom 4126 East 1st Street, Superior
17-CV-9 10/31/17 U.S. Bank National Association Jennifer L. Paulseth f/k/a Jennifer Lynn Ross a/k/a Jennifer Ross a/k/a Jennifer L. Ross, Clayton J. Paulseth and U.S. Bank National Association 1108 Baxter Avenue, Superior
17-CV-92 11/14/17 National Bank of Commerce Julie A. Jones, a/k/a Julie A. Parker; Capital One Bank USA, N.A.; Superior Choice Credit Union; CACH LLC, and Midland Funding, LLC. 1611 North 23rd Street, Superior
17-CV-100 12/5/17 National Bank of Commerce Cheryl L. Nicholas, n/k/a Tidemann 9923 E Scenic Drive, Solon Springs
17-CV-189 12/12/17 National Bank of Commerce Donald J. Reed 2105 East 10th Street and 2411 East 3rd Street, Superior