Appointments to Other Committees

Amnicon/Dowling Lake Management District: Dan Corbin
CDBG Housing Program - Regional Housing Committee: Denise Lutz, Maury Miller, Pat Ryan, Opal Roberts, Jennifer LaChance, Carolyn Martin, Walt Jaeger, Tom Mackie
Chamber of Commerce: Andy Lisak
Community Care Connections of Wisconsin: Mary Lou Bergman (5/15-5/17)
Community Services Program: Marvin Finendale, Larry Quam
Concentrated Employment Program, Inc.: Charlie Glazman, Doug Finn (Alt.)
Coordinated Services Team Initiative: George Glonek, Janna Stevens, Susan Hendrickson, Dave Longsdorf, Cary Breitlow
Family Support Program Advisory Committee: Susan Hendrickson
Farmland Preservation Plan: Nathan Johnstad, Deb King, Mark Liebaert, Larry Luostari, Jim Streveler, Jon TePoel, Charlie Glazman, Terry White, Dave Dumke, Sue O'Halloran, Robert Wicklund, Jane Anklam, Gary Haughn, Christine Ostern, Amy Eliot, Steve Rannenberg, Gary Kane
Gandy Dancer Trail Commission: John Robinson
Great Lakes Nonpoint Abatement Coalition: Kathryn McKenzie
Historical Society: Samuel Pomush
ITBEC Tourism Board: Nikky Farmakes
Lake Superior (NERR) Advisory Committee: Terry White
Library Board (Superior Public): Susan Hendrickson
Metro-Interstate Commission: Samuel Pomush (5/17), Nick Baker (5/18), Vacant (5/18), Rosemary Lear (5/18), Brock Allen (5/18)
Northern Waters Library Services Board: Jan Pierce (1/18), Patricia McDermott (1/17), Kathryn McKenzie (1/16), Robert Mock (1/17), Vivian Markley (1/19)
Northwest Regional Planning Commission Board: Douglas Finn (Executive Committee) (5/18), Larry Quam (5/18), Samuel Pomush (5/18)
Northwest Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Association: Susan Hendrickson, Terry White (Alt.)
Northwest Wisconsin Business Development Corp. Board: Douglas Finn
Northwest Wisconsin Regional Economic Development Fund Board: Andy Lisak
Northwest Wisconsin Regional Trails Committee: Dan Corbin
Security and Facilities Committee (Douglas County): Nick Baker, Peter Clark
Senior Connections: Patricia Ryan, Samuel Pomush
Superior Area Community Network Executive Committee: Matt Caya
The Development Association, Inc.: Keith Allen, Charlie Glazman
Transportation Network Team of Superior & Douglas County: Marvin Finendale
Tri-County Recreational Corridor Commission: Dan Corbin, Scott Luostari, John Deterling, Sr.
Twin Ports/Twin Cities Passenger Rail Service: Nick Baker
Wisconsin Business Innovation Corp.-Visions Northwest Group: David Minor, Doug Finn (Alt.)
Wisconsin Point Area Management Plan: Keith Allen, Terry White (Alt.)
Woodland Enhanced Health Services Commission: Larry Quam